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Project Description

jsRouter is a lightweight URL router written in Javascript. The routing is based on the path after the hash (#) in the URL, thus providing pure client-side navigation for AJAX applications. By imitating ASP.NET MVC's routing, the use pattern is familiar for .NET developers.


Consider a simple scenario: wants to implement pure AJAX-navigation between products using jsRouter.

1. Register the routes in your application

function onRootInvoked() { ... }
function onProductsInvoked() { ... }

$.jsRouter.mapRoute('Root', '', onRootInvoked);
$.jsRouter.mapRoute('Products', 'products/{productId}', onProductsInvoked, { productId: 0 });

2. Use normal anchor tags or the navigateTo() method to invoke the routes

<a href="#products">Products</a>
$.jsRouter.navigateTo('Products', { productId: 343434 });

3. The callbacks gets triggered by the matched route

  • triggers onRootInvoked
  • will trigger onProductsInvoked with productId set to 0
  • will trigger onProductsInvoked with arguments containing the productId


This utility is bundled as a jQuery plugin, and jQuery is therefore a required dependency in order for this to work.

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